Isabelle brings over 30 years business experience.  She is a skilled consultant, facilitator, developer and networker.  Prior to consulting, she worked in corporate industry in HQ and in business unit and field-based roles where she was responsible for commercial and operational performance.  She consults and facilitates at all levels in organisations working one-to-one with leaders, with teams and groups (up to several hundred people).

She attracts and does her best work when partnering clients in complex, multi-stakeholder groups. She often works in contexts of integration and change where there is the need to engage people and bring together different ideas, experiences and perspectives. Her long term client work is based on openness, trust and confidentiality.  She comes alongside clients and offers an external presence, intuition, feedback and a willingness to challenge.  She is interested in authenticity, shared leadership and has a fascination for the creative and productive capacity of groups and collaborations.

Isabelle draws on various approaches: appreciative inquiry, complexity theory, real-time facilitation processes and techniques borrowed from the expressive arts (art, improv, story telling) and selected psychometric tools.  Wherever possible she uses walking and being in nature to gain perspective and enable different conversations.

She has an Anglo-French background, is bilingual and enjoys working in either or both languages. She has a first degree in science and some of her best work has been in support of scientific research and, in particular, in health.  Since 2008, she has established and led the NIHR (National Institute of Health Research) Leadership Programme with colleagues at Ashridge Business School. This has taken her into many university and clinical settings to work with leaders and their groups.  Other clients include: Various EU funded research projects, Euroclear Bank, UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health – ICH, Morgan Cole (law firm), International Committee of the Red Cross – ICRC, The Global Fund for TB, Aids and Malaria – TGF and The Global Alliance for Chronic Disease – GACD.

Isabelle lives in Warwick with her husband, their teenage son & cat.  She finds creative outlets in her garden and kitchen and loves doing improv.  She can’t yet believe she is a regular runner – 2 years on!

People who are encouraged to bring their whole selves to their work and to engage with each other in a way which is authentic and human are capable of achieving great outcomes for their organisation - both as leaders and in teams