Dev is an experienced OD consultant, executive team facilitator and researcher who specialises in organisation design and strategy. He encourages senior leaders to consider the links between culture, structure and strategy and helps them to engage their organisations to achieve more creative and impactful outcomes. He works with structured approaches to strategy and change as well as appreciative, emergent and participative processes to generate engagement and energy.

Dev has been an active advocate of the value of learning from practice and practitioners, and his research publications have focused on the areas of organisation design (2016), managing risk (2015) and strategy (2014).

He has extensive international experience and has previously lived and worked in Japan and Australia. He has worked for Euromonitor, Edexcel and Cendant Corporation before spending 13 years at Ashridge Business School. He has worked with a range of organisations to facilitate organisation design, strategy processes and to develop staff capability in these areas, including: Egmont (Denmark), Essex County Council (UK), Valmet (Finland) and Medtronic (US).

He holds Masters degrees in Japanese with distinction (Stirling), Organisation Consulting (Ashridge) and is also a Henley MBA. He is accredited to administer the MBTI, FIRO-B and SDI psychometric instruments. He lives in London and speaks fluent English, reasonable Japanese and basic German, Russian and Spanish. He is married and has two young children.

To me, Metalogue signifies the importance of the quality of dialogue which is a critical pre-requisite for effective strategy and organisation design decision-making. Indeed, I would argue that few strategy decisions can be successful in uncertain environments if the important conversations have been avoided or handled poorly.