Strategy Engagement

Too often, strategies developed in the boardroom don’t connect with those outside. The most powerful strategies harness the knowledge, creativity, energy and will of the wider organisation. This is the essence of participatory strategy. But it’s easier said than done.

We think that strategic change is a planned endeavour as well as a creative process of discovery. It requires everyone to think about their assumptions, experimentation, experience and choice. Our approach is to work closely with leadership to design processes that engage people to create strategic change. 

This often means involving some unusual suspects in the strategy process. Quite often we run large group events where the strategy can evolve “live”. These can sometimes be hair-raising (for us and for clients) but always worthwhile.

What we do

We offer a range of support for clients from facilitation of a strategy development session through to large scale strategy engagement processes involving the whole organisation. Whatever the scale, our approaches are always engaging and rigorous.

Part of our approach is always to build capability as we go:

Capability Development

Bringing our practice to life - an example

We worked with a global automotive manufacturer to engage and energize its top 500 leaders around a new and ambitious strategy. Developed as a response to disruption in their marketplace, this strategy demanded collective leadership across its business units and functions.

With key stakeholders we co-created a series of workshops combining personal development and strategy execution. The process enabled leaders to explore and understand how they would need to learn and grow in order to deliver on the strategy.

The workshops engaged functional leadership teams globally over 6 months. During each one, participants had the time to make sense of the strategy. They then formulated plans to mobilise their teams and organisations in line with their strategic goals.

“In a complex changing context Metalogue were able to help us as a group work productively and creatively with our strategic challenges. We were able to align our functional strategy to our overall goals, and develop our capability along the way.”


Group Vice President
Global Business and Technical Solutions, Mann+Hummel