Senior Team Effectiveness

Teams who regularly reflect on their aims, purpose and dynamics are more effective.

We have witnessed too many times how the dysfunctions within a senior team impact how they lead their organisation. Despite being highly competent individuals, their team dynamics get in the way of them realising their collective potential.

We develop senior teams and boards by helping them to review how they work together and by providing real time observations and feedback on their behaviour. We also often provide coaching to leaders and their teams by bringing in feedback from stakeholders and psychometric tools.

Our clients tell us that we make a difference by challenging them and enabling them to pause and reflect on how they work together.

What we do

We start from the Outside-In by exploring and evaluating the team’s impact in the organisation and beyond.  We then work from the Inside-Out helping the team to understand its purpose, aims, and dynamics. We do this by:

  • Agreeing the team’s role & vision of success;
  • Clarifying roles, authority and accountabilities within the team;
  • Enabling quality conversations about how they work together and make decisions; and
  • Raising awareness of behaviour & feelings in the ‘here & now’’

Part of our approach is always to build capability as we go:

Capability Development

Bringing our practice to life - an example

We worked with the leadership team for the global operations of a renewable energy business to help them to improve their relationships and decision making. They had been unable to resolve ongoing and long-standing operational issues, and conflicts existed around roles, responsibilities and accountabilities.  

We started by holding reflective conversations with each team member, exploring the challenges the team was unable to resolve in the organisation and each individual’s perception of their role in the team’s dynamics. This informed a 2 day offsite, where we facilitated conversations about their difficulties and their part in them.

To reduce their defensiveness, we encouraged them to notice what was working as well as what was not. This helped them to speak candidly and frankly about their difficulties in listening to and trusting each other, seeing different perspectives, making agreements and keeping commitments. As the sessions progressed, they were more able to see how their dynamics mirrored and maintained the wider cultural dynamics across operations.

“One of our business priorities was to harness and improve the leadership team to drive better performance across the business. For many, this development was a new experience and Metalogue succeeded in creating an approach that challenged those leaders, in an appropriate manner, to learn and behave in new ways. As a result, we are better able to address the changes, challenges and opportunities we face.”


Chief Executive
BAM Construct UK Ltd