Participative Strategy

The most powerful strategies tap into the knowledge, creativity and energy of the wider organisation, as well as connecting to a deep sense of purpose.

Too often, strategies developed in the boardroom don’t connect with those outside. 

Purpose-full strategy work is about finding the right questions, involving the right people, and holding the right conversations. But it’s easier said than done.

We work closely with leaders, helping them to have lively strategy conversations with their teams and the wider organisation.

High quality involvement from the start means that action flows naturally. 

How we help

Our strategy  work takes many different forms, but it is always lively.  We can:  

  • Help clarify purpose and vision, taking both an inside out and an outside in perspective
  • Facilitate strategy development with leadership teams, with a focus on exploring scenarios and futures
  • Design and run large scale strategy engagement processes involving the whole organisation
  • Support strategy realisation: helping leadership or project teams make sense of the strategy recommendation they’ve been tasked with and building capability to deliver
  • Provide coaching and thought partnering on strategy

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Meet our team

Progressive thinkers, we use our practical experience and roots in organisation development and social sciences to get to grips with what is happening and to design tailored approaches to help you move forward.