Organisation Design

Taking the time to align your organisation design to your strategy is critical for effective delivery.

All too often, organisation re-design centres on moving boxes and people around on hierarchical charts. And when it comes to decision-making at a senior level, power and politics are often at play. Our skill is in managing a structured and rigorous process that allows for creativity and focuses on aligning to strategy. This isn’t about cutting and pasting solutions from elsewhere but about figuring out what is right for you.

Working with a design team we create a shared understanding of how the current structure is working in the context of your strategic ambitions, and good practice tests. Based on this we create design principles which allow us to evaluate other structural options. This helps us identify the critical choices and trade-offs at the heart of the design, and to inform implementation planning.

Be it face to face in workshops, or virtually using our bespoke Orgwith tool, we are deliberately participative, so the real conversations about what’s at stake can take place.

How we help

Our organisation design work takes many different forms.

  • Most commonly, we work closely with a small team over an 8 to 12 week period to come up with a new operating model or design
  • We also support with implementation planning, including working through decision making, governance, communication and talent implications
  • Beyond this, we are sometimes asked to help individuals, or teams succeed in a new structure
  • And sometimes, we help you create your own design methodology, and internal capability at an enterprise level, ensuring you can do this independently in the future

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Meet our team

Progressive thinkers, we use our practical experience and roots in organisation development and social sciences to get to grips with what is happening and to design tailored approaches to help you move forward.