Organisation Design

All too often, organisation redesign seems to be about moving boxes and people around on hierarchical organisation charts. However, our recent research suggests that this is not always as objective as it seems and decisions are often taken for personal reasons.

Power and politics are often at play at senior levels. Our skill is in managing a structured process that acknowledges interests and motives but encourages senior teams to design their organisation to best deliver on strategy. We help clients work out how to integrate strategic choice, organisation form, key roles, operating units and support roles with their internal cultures while acknowledging all structures have trade-offs and risks.

Our approach is systemic and systematic, but avoids over focus on structure. It involves:

  • Identifying the critical choices and trade-offs.
  • Assessing the current model against design principles and tests.
  • Developing and evaluating design choices.
  • Developing transition plans for moving to a new design.

What we do

We know that each organisation design context is different; different support will be required at different stages. We help you make robust decisions which address difficult trade-offs, and help you through the transition. Our design can cover some or all of the following:

Part of our approach is always to build capability as we go:

Capability Development

Bringing our practice to life - an example

We enabled a global electrical and electronics engineering company to change how it organised. The business had grown through acquisitions which had over time created a highly complex structure. This duplicated critical resource and created operational risk.

The first phase of the work engaged the CEO and a team of key stakeholders in a series of offsites to review the existing design and develop options for the future corporate structure. This facilitated a clear view and decision about which activities were held at Group, Divisional and Business level.

This initial phase of work helped the senior leadership team to further clarify their strategy, to strengthen their relationships and to agree responsibilities across the organisation. To develop ownership for the proposed design, the leadership explored their proposals with the top 50 managers at a global conference.

In the second phase, we helped each division to develop their operating units in line with the new model. We worked with design teams to develop and evaluate options that were consistent with the principles of the new design.

“The organisation design work with Metalogue is a critical element of our strategic transformation. They are a pleasure to work with: credible with senior leaders in the business and the right balance of challenging and supportive.”


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