We partner with and develop leaders and practitioners in Organisation Design, Development, Strategy and Change.

We draw on the latest thinking in organisation design, organisation development and the wider social sciences. We bring this together with our own research, and our long experience of working in and consulting to organisations.

We work with experienced leaders and professionals who want to integrate theory into their practice and to develop more strategic skills.

Development is based on peer learning principles. We design workshops that tackle participants’ own live organisational issues, helping them find creative and practical ways to make a difference and to develop themselves in the process.

Our feedback shows that participants typically acquire:

  • Increased personal awareness, improving the quality of their relationships and the effectiveness of their interventions.
  • An explicit and practical theory of organisations, strategy and change, broadening their repertoire of interventions.
  • The ability to take an inquiring stance, as an essential skill for change leaders, managers, facilitators or consultants.
In a typical two day programme we cover the fundamental frameworks, skills and techniques of internal consulting and advising. Our approach is to work with real challenges and live issues that participants are currently facing in their roles. At its heart the aim is to help participants to influence and change their organisation.

Who is this for?

This programme is aimed at those working in internal consulting and advisory roles, such as OD professionals, HR business partners, and other change agents. The programme is intended to develop:

• An understanding of core consulting frameworks and the consulting cycle

• An awareness of approaches to influencing change

• A familiarity with alternative approaches to intervening in organisational systems

• Confidence in dealing with difficult dynamics


Illustrative programme shown opposite.

Day 1
  • What do we mean by business partnering and internal consulting?
  • Different consulting roles - expert, pair of hands and collaborative roles
  • Introduction to the consulting cycle
  • The process of contracting
  • Peer transformation clinic, Inquiry, discovery and sensemaking

Day 2
  • Influencing and advisory skills
  • Designing interventions
  • Understanding and dealing with resistance
  • Reflections on what you have learnt about consulting
  • Application of Learning

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This two day customised development programme is for organisations that are about to re-organise or want to improve their existing design. The programme helps managers to undertake the re-design process in a structured and thoughtful manner by identifying the strategic imperatives and critical design principles, evaluating their existing design, creating new design options and making reasoned choices. Throughout the programme challenges and dilemmas in transitioning to a new design are identified and explored.

Who is this for?

This programme is designed for managers, HR practitioners and internal consultants who have responsibility for leading or facilitating the design of an organisation or a part of one. The programme is intended to develop:

  • Greater understanding of organisation design approaches and the link back to strategy
  • Confidence and competence in using the key tools and methodologies in organisation design, with other colleagues in a way that is both credible and consistent
  • Ability to transfer the learning back to the respective workplaces


Illustrative programme shown opposite.

Day 1
  • First steps into organization design (Star Model & Operating Model)
  • The Language of Roles
  • Simple structures
  • Evaluating structures: Design Principles
  • Evaluating structures: 9 Tests of Design & Fit (Campbell & Goold)

Day 2
  • Application clinic/ routes into the work
  • Hybrid Structures
  • Decision making to test the structure
  • The organisation design process & research findings (Hardman & Mookherjee research)
  • Review & Action Planning

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The focus of this programme is on leading organisational transformations, and is based upon our research into what works in practice. Key inputs include strategy, organisation design, culture change and leading transformation teams. The workshop is designed to help participants to apply their learning to current change and transformation initiatives.

Who is this for?

This programme is aimed at senior transformation leaders and experienced OD professionals who are looking to develop their skills and impact beyond the purely technical. The programme is intended to develop:

  • Understanding of how to support change in complex systems
  • An awareness of common challenges and pitfalls in transformation work
  • Knowledge of alternative approaches and techniques for engaging people in change
  • A learning community in which participants can support each other throughout their transformation work



Illustrative programme shown opposite.

Day 1
  • Identifying and understanding the drivers of transformation
  • The nature of disruption and disrupting
  • Framing transformations – creating coherent purpose and narrative
  • Peer transformation clinic

Day 2
  • Psychological and social dynamics of transformation
  • The leadership of transformation
  • Influencing with and without authority
  • Creating transformative spaces – approaches and techniques
  • Community support planning

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This engaging and rigorous two-day strategy development workshop involves a journey through selected approaches and frameworks in order to build a robust strategy for the organisation. The frameworks are introduced and then applied to the organisation in a flow which leads to a well-grounded strategy. This participative approach to developing supports longer term understanding, engagement and capability development.

Who is this for?

This workshop is designed for leaders responsible for developing strategy as well as those leading teams within a strategic organisational context. The workshop is intended to help you create your organisation strategy and while doing so to develop:

  • Understanding of different theoretical perspectives on strategy, and what they mean in practice
  • A shared understanding of strategy frameworks to interpret the market context, and an ability to apply them through application on your own organisation
  • Confidence to understand and make choices and trade-offs when developing your strategy, together with others who have a stake in the outcome and the approach
  • Engagement from across the organisation to support implementation of the strategy


Illustrative strategy workshop design shown opposite.

Day 1
  • Introductions and reason for new strategy, and a re-statement of organizational purpose and “givens”
  • Sharing and making sense of inquiry findings
  • What are we learning from implementing previous strategy intentions (Whirlygig tool)
  • Agreeing attractiveness criteria for selecting future geographies, segments and customers
  • Input on changes in the market (from an internal specialist using latest data)
  • Brainstorming and grouping external factors, making sense of opportunities and threats and generating initial strategic options (PESTEL framework)
  • Assessing segment profitability outlook and generating options (5 Forces tool)
  • Reviewing geography, segment and customer size and growth data
  • Assessing geographies, segments and customers against agreed attractiveness criteria

Day 2
  • Understand the Key Success Factors (KSFs) for chosen geographies, segments and customers (KSF or Value Curve tool)
  • Assess organizational performance against KSFs
  • Choose geographies, segments and customers based on an assessment of attractiveness vs strength (Directional Policy Matrix tool)
  • Select 6 strategic options to proceed with (Impact vs Do-ability tool)
  • Creating plans for each strategic options and review in plenary to consider connections, dependencies, implications as well as who else to engage on each option
  • Making group sense of the challenge of implementation and checking for commitment and roles (using Social Presencing Theatre)
  • Agreeing an organizational engagement approach
  • Agreeing priorities and next steps

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