Culture Change

Organisational cultures represent patterns of relationship that are complex and constantly changing.

When it comes to creating cultural change, you’re more likely to succeed if you start from (and stay close to) your strategic challenges. These need to be specific, tangible and readily connected to what people do.

We focus on identifying those patterns that are essential to sustainable success as well as those that you would rather do without. We often use creative and engaging methods to hold up a mirror to current ways of working, raising questions about what is helpful. A key part of our support is to help leaders be more conscious of how they create an environment where new possibilities can emerge.

We prefer the idea of enabling a social movement, rather than imposing a culture change programme that has to be planned and managed in conventional ways.

How we help

We work with culture in different ways.

  • Helping you to you to frame the change in a way that makes sense to everyone in the organisation
  • Creating a rich description of beliefs, stories and practices that becomes a touchstone of who you are as an organisation
  • Mobilising large scale engagement and conversation about culture
  • Building your own capability in this area through coaching and thought partnering

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Meet our team

Progressive thinkers, we use our practical experience and roots in organisation development and social sciences to get to grips with what is happening and to design tailored approaches to help you move forward.