Culture Change

We start with the assumption that organisational cultures represent patterns of relationship that are complex, constantly evolving and often elusive. This is why our approach is focussed on identifying those patterns that are essential to sustainable success, as well as those that you would rather do without.

Rather than imposing a change programme that has to be planned and managed in conventional ways, we prefer the idea of enabling a social movement. Here the aim is to tap into the energy and ownership that is needed for making changes happen that people wish to see.

As part of our approach we help people to become aware of how they interpret situations and how they relate and work with each other – particularly what helps and hinders their effectiveness. Typically, we use creative and engaging methods that hold up a ‘mirror’ to represent the experience of participating in certain contexts. This is often where we find that people notice their own contribution to the very things that frustrate them!

An important part of our support is to help leaders to be more conscious of how their gestures can result in unintended responses and, how they can create the environment where new possibilities are more likely to emerge.

What we do

In our experience, you are more likely to succeed in your aims if you start from (and stay close to) your strategic challenges. These need to be specific, tangible and readily connected to what people do. So, we help you to set clear and meaningful goals that people care about and are committed to, framing the change in ways that make sense to all, whether senior leaders or grass roots employees.

Part of our approach is always to build capability as we go:

Capability Development

Bringing our practice to life - an example

We consulted to an international technology company that needed greater collaboration across brands and regional structures.

Siloed thinking and competitiveness between business lines was hindering innovation and the development of integrated solutions for key clients. A cultural inquiry process helped the senior team to explore the differences between its historical identity and the challenges it faced in the context of changing markets. Our work with them highlighted the need to adapt their operating model and ingrained ways of working with clients. This led to a more deliberate focus on developing a ‘cultural brand’ internally that matched the way the external brand was evolving.

“Over 18 months, we made significant progress in the way we evolved our culture as a primary enabler of an ambitious growth strategy. I really appreciated Metalogue’s capacity to get alongside us and work with our reality rather than follow any pre set template. This helped us to map out the transformation required and what this meant for our roles and ways of working as an executive team.”

Global OD & People Director
Pharmaceutical Sector PLC