Global Electronics Manufacturer

Supporting the set-up of a cross-cutting software development function for a global electronics manufacturer.

Metalogue worked with an electronics manufacturer with major operations in the UK, US, Australia, and Canada to help it develop an integrated software development function.

The function needed to play into their overall strategic long game and position the organisation as a leader in delivering effective solutions while staying ahead of the curve in the world of technology.


Historically, the business was structured as lots of small, independent operating units with little coordination or shared functional capability.

As part of a major overall redesign (which Metalogue also supported), we worked closely with the team to introduce a matrixed divisional structure, which allowed for more sharing, integration and parenting advantage.

However, to deliver on the organisation’s longer term strategy it also needed to design a structure that helped it both deliver efficient and effective software development resource, whilst also staying ahead of future technology needs and developments.


We worked with a design team including key stakeholders from the technology organisation, as well as representatives from the operating business units who would become the potential internal customers for the new software organisation.

The process began virtually, exploring which parts of the overall strategy this new structure supported, and mapping the value proposition for the software services, cross-checked to the needs of the operational business units.

In face-to-face sessions in the US, we then agreed on the design principles against which the new structure needed to deliver, and developed and evaluated four alternative structural options.

Next, we tested the preferred structure further with typical decision flows, in particular building understanding of decision rights split between the new software organisation and the business units.
This enabled us to move confidently to implementation planning, with a good understanding of the next steps, core messages and narratives for key stakeholders.


Following the design work, the design team were able to make a confident structural recommendation to the Executive team; one which underpinned the overall group strategy and provided pragmatic solutions to the current demand for software engineering services as well as future technology demands.

Having some of the internal operating business unit customers as part of the design team supported the credibility of the design with other key stakeholders. And the rigour of the organisation design process meant that the group were able to clearly explain the rationale for the choices and trade-offs they’d made as part of the design. This ‘audit trail’ boosted the confidence of other people in the organisation, making it easier for everyone to get behind the change.

Global Electronics Manufacturer

“I have experienced a range of organisation design methods and consultants in my time and Metalogue’s process ranks as one of the best I have experienced. Their approach has been both robust and engaging
– a good fit for our organisation.”

Chief Human Resoruces Officer

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