Domino’s Pizza

Cost challenge, re-design and executive team development in a commercial franchise business.

Domino’s Pizza Group PLC  is a leading fast food business that operates a master franchise agreement across the UK and Ireland, with over 1200 stores. Metalogue were engaged to work with the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) to identify how the existing operating model could be adapted to improve profitability and to set the organisation onto a more secure footing for sustainable growth.


The leadership team was relatively newly formed, with some very experienced and capable leaders, led by an interim CEO. They were conscious that there was a cost imperative for the business, and were keen to be strategic about how this so that the organisation could be set up for success for the future. This required a holistic and team based approach to the structural challenge.


Following a rigorous inquiry process that examined the current strategic and organisational context, we facilitated a design process that enabled the ELT to review current roles, structures and ways working. The scope of the work also aimed to address ‘pain points’ such as innovation, talent retention and overall cost challenges.

Over a 3 month period we ran a series of workshops where the leadership team focussed on how the business model needed to evolve in the medium and longer term before landing on a number of organising principles that articulated the transformation needed. This then enabled them to evaluate those design options that had the best chance of realising these aspirations. 

With our help, they worked through the difficult choices and mitigations that were needed to make their preferred option a reality. Finally, a roadmap was developed that would guide  all the key transition points and milestones across an 18-month timeline. 



Key to the above was to secure the confidence and support of the PLC Board as well the franchisee and business management community. This was achieved through a robust business case and engagement plan that was developed and led by the ELT.

The final implementation plan supported a shift to:
– delivering on challenging profitability targets through a reduced cost base
– a more integrated focus on  innovation with greater emphasis on the end consumer
– a more effective approach to talent management and succession planning
– a more feasible model for prioritising  Innovation, ESG & Data
– being able to build on the benefits of digitalisation and automation
– more streamlined and focussed store development capability

Domino’s Pizza

We chose Metalogue because we wanted  an external  partner who could work with the leadership team to help us have the important conversations, rather than ask us to complete templates. They have delivered on that, as well as on a refreshed structure within an ambitious timeline. Beyond the agreed deliverables, the best outcomes of the process have been the  collective ownership of our new organisation, and a stronger leadership team.”


Kirsty Pitcher , Group People Director

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