Helping an executive team navigate strategy and change through a merger and transformation process.

In recent years, the supply chain division of Deutsche Post DHL Group had acquired three leading legacy businesses: printing and logistics management business Williams Lea, print media supplier HMSO, and design and production agency Tag. We were commissioned to help the executive team strategically navigate the merge into one integrated entity.


Working the executive board and extended leadership teams of a subsidiary within the Deutsche Post DHL Group, we helped them develop a new strategic focus and to transition to a single, integrated entity that represented the various legacy businesses the group had acquired over time.

Running parallel to this was a need to observe and improve the senior team’s effectiveness, specifically around certain group dynamics.


Working closely with the team, our support helped them in three distinct areas.
First up, we facilitated conversations that allowed the board to navigate some complex and high-stakes decisions. Throughout the process, the team gained insight into how they were interacting. For example, how they were making decisions and what they were avoiding. Over time, this knowledge helped them understand what it takes to be more aligned and more collaborative as a team.

Secondly, we played an advisory role to the organisational redesign work, which required a structured process and facilitation through a number of iterations.
And thirdly, we partnered with key leaders through individual coaching (as well as working with some of their own teams) to enable elevated ways of working across the newly integrated business.


Our partnership helped the executive team develop a new vision that allowed the legacy businesses to work in a more integrated way. This enabled them to develop a new operating model that made accountabilities clearer and decision-making smoother. It also created a more streamlined focus on the services that added most value for clients, which has helped them respond to the onset of rapid digitalisation.

By evolving existing processes and changing the expectations from end customers, leaders were able to develop new and more effective ways of working. This empowered the wider team to develop new innovative propositions and focus more on growing existing client portfolios.


“What stands out for me is how they demand a quality of partnership that only works where equal learning is going on between you and them. Integrity and trust are essential to this; but so is a depth of experience and personality that has always gained them credibility with my board colleagues.”

Andrew Leahy, VP, DHL Supply Chain

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