Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Helping a global automotive manufacturer engage its top 500 leaders with an ambitious strategy.

A family-owned automotive parts manufacturer based in Southern Germany, this manufacturer is a global technology leader in filtration with over eight decades of experience and teams working at over 80 sites worldwide. When electric vehicles disrupted the marketplace, they came up with an ambitious new strategy to support the next phase of growth. But they needed help engaging and energising 500 leaders from across the globe.


Developed as a response to the marketplace shift to electric vehicles, this company’s
new strategy demanded collective leadership across its business units and functions.

As with any disruption in the market, the company understood the need for significant changes in products, structure and ways of working. So, for the strategy to succeed,
it was critical that the top 500 leaders working locally acted effectively, together.


Working alongside key stakeholders, we co-created a series of workshops that combined personal development and strategy execution. The process enabled leaders to explore and understand how they would need to learn and grow in order to deliver on the strategy.

Over six months, the workshops engaged functional leadership teams globally, giving everyone time to make sense of the strategy. They then formulated plans to mobilise their teams and organisations in line with their strategic goals.

The process included a mix of strategy content and a coherent design, which guided leaders from making sense of the strategy to the point where they felt confident enough to lead their teams and make the strategy happen.


The process enabled leaders to make sense of and localise the new strategy in a way
that built coherence and connectedness. As a result, the company improved content, commitment, capability and collaboration.

On a team and personal level, everyone explored their commitments and acknowledged and worked through the losses inherent in shifting to the new strategy.

One of the many benefits that made a lasting cultural impact was the way the process supported leaders to work together. By building memorable moments together, they solidified their relationships, which helped them overcome any subsequent bumps in
the road.

Automotive Parts Manufacturer

“In a complex changing context, Metalogue were able to help us as a group work productively and creatively with our strategic challenges. We were able to align our functional strategy to our overall goals and develop our capability along the way.”

Group Vice President, Global Business and Technical Solutions

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