All our partners bring many years’ experience both in house and in consulting roles across a range of sectors. We resource projects only with partners and core associates who are able to offer you credible support and challenge throughout an assignment. 

Our team partners
Sophy Pern

Sophy Pern MA(Cantab), MSc

Sophy is an experienced organisation development consultant, facilitator, and executive coach. She brings 25 years of international experience to organisations that are transforming and renewing themselves. She works with executive teams on strategy engagement, organisational design and culture change, and her practice is founded on the understanding that change happens at individual, team and organisational levels, and always in the context of relationships.  



Dev Mookherjee

Dev Mookherjee MSc, MBA

Dev is an experienced OD consultant, executive team facilitator and researcher who specialises in organisation design and strategy. He encourages senior leaders to consider the links between culture, structure and strategy and helps them to engage their organisations to achieve more creative and impactful outcomes. He works with structured approaches to strategy and change as well as appreciative, emergent and participative processes to generate engagement and energy.



Andrew Day

Andrew Day MSc, C.Psychol

Andrew is a consultant, facilitator and coach with over 25 years of international experience.  He helps leaders to strategically design and develop their organisations by enabling individuals and groups to reflect and raise their awareness of what is possible, and to challenge them to make conscious choices about the future.  A psychologist by background, he pays acute attention to the influence of psychological, political and group dynamics.  



Kevin Power

Kevin Power MSc

Kevin is a highly experienced and qualified OD consultant-facilitator who can draw on over 30 years of practice in an international business context.  He has worked extensively across the commercial and not-for-profit sectors - particularly where issues relating to strategy, organisational design and cultural change have needed to be addressed. His recent clients have included Marine Scotland, Novartis, NHS, Department for Transport, Eakin, DWP, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Kings College and DHL.



Sarah Beart

Sarah Beart MBA

Sarah is a qualified organisation development consultant, facilitator and executive coach, with over 25 years’ experience working with senior executives and teams, helping them thrive and adapt in the face of the most challenging situations. Working from the principle that organisations change through relationship and conversation, she helps her clients clarify the work they need to do, and decide who to involve and what’s needed to make the difference.



Simon Martin

Simon Martin MA(Oxon) MSc

Simon has spent the past 20 years working as an organisational change consultant, coach and facilitator, supporting clients in transforming their organisations and developing learning cultures. Over this time, he has been based in the UK and Germany, and worked extensively across Central Europe, in English and German (and enthusiastic Polish…).




David Birch

David is a qualified coach, supervisor, psychotherapist and mediator who brings over 30 years’ international business experience to helping individuals, groups and organisations make a difference to the world. His practice is founded on the understanding that change occurs within and through relationships. He combines expert facilitation skills, psychological insight and creative embodied methods to help his clients reflect, connect and relate to one another with sincerity and wholeheartedness. His skill is in making it safe enough to explore and address the most challenging issues, however tricky and awkward they may be. Since 2008 he has been a faculty member of Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching programme and has co-led the Ashridge Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching and OD.

Liz Wiggins MSc, MSc, PhD

Liz has been working for over 25 years in OD and change. Her clients come from the commercial sector, the NHS, government and higher education and she has worked extensively internationally, speaking both French and Dutch. She is also an Associate Professor of Leadership and Change at Ashridge, where she was Programme Director for a highly regarded Masters in Leadership, called GenerationQ. As an OD and change consultant, Liz draws on her in-depth theoretical and practical understanding of leadership, work identity, culture, organizational change, power and politics to provide insight, challenge and new ways of seeing and thinking.

John Higgins MA (Cantab) MSc

John is a researcher, author, coach and evaluator who brings the undiscussable and ignored aspects of organisational experience into the open. His work involves intimate and confidential conversations with people from all walks of life, from Archbishops, to CEOs, to homeless people now earning a living as professional actors. He currently works extensively within the NHS and other national health systems, applying and developing the insights of his long running research into ‘speaking truth to power’. This work has resulted in three recent pieces in the Harvard Business Review and a published as a book by FT Pearson.

Isabelle Read MA, MSc

Isabelle brings over 30 years business experience. She is a skilled consultant, facilitator, developer and networker. Prior to consulting, she worked in corporate industry in HQ and in business unit and field-based roles where she was responsible for commercial and operational performance. She consults and facilitates at all levels in organisations working one-to-one with leaders, with teams and groups. She attracts and does her best work when partnering clients in complex, multi-stakeholder groups. She often works in contexts of integration and change where there is the need to engage people and bring together different ideas, experiences and perspectives. Her long term client work is based on openness, trust and confidentiality.

Fionnuala O’Conor MA(Oxon)

Fionnuala is an OD consultant and advisor to senior teams on organisational change with deep experience in matching people with strategy. She helps organisations and their leaders leverage systematic human strengths to deliver long-term impact and growth within generative and adaptive cultures. Her approach combines research and robust data analysis with empathetic engagement and participative facilitation. She advises leadership teams on structuring and managing their organisations to boost and channel the human drivers of successful strategy execution to sustain growth, innovation and resilience in volatile and challenging contexts. She mentors young women tech founders and is a non-executive director of two people-tech startups.

Mark Emdin MLM

Mark is a consultant, facilitator, team coach and improviser with nearly 30 years of international experience. His areas of speciality are organization development and design and supporting organisations through change and leadership team performance. His work is influenced by a belief that by truly connecting people, teams and organisations, together they can achieve remarkable results.  Although based in Amsterdam, he started his career in Australia and now works internationally with both local and global organisations such as Unilever, KPN, Shell, T-Mobile NL, Fonterra, SBM Offshore, Novartis, Sandoz and Hivos, at all levels within an organisation from the C-Suite to the front line.

Mark holds a Masters in Leadership & Management and is an active members of both the Organisation Development Network (Europe) & European Organisation Design Forum.

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