The UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2020

We help senior
leaders lead change.

Where we start depends on where you are...

  • Sometimes it is making the senior team more effective and re-energising them
  • Other times it is ensuring that the strategy goes from being a piece of paper to something that lives in everyday decisions throughout the organisation
  • Often it is guiding people on how to actually change the culture, the real experience of working together
  • And sometimes the starting point is organisational design, the way you organise how you work

Wherever we start, we always have the bigger picture in mind.

can be revelations.

We know your role can be difficult. We understand the politics and challenges of working with change and transformation in organisations, because we’ve walked in your shoes.

We begin by getting to grips with where your organisation is now. We tune into its complex social and political dynamics. We are deeply curious about your work and what’s going on between people. We ask unexpected and challenging questions. We listen. We talk. We tell you what we’ve heard and what we think.

We don’t see people as problems to be solved but as individuals with valuable opinions, well placed to determine the future of their organisations. We work closely with you to find a way forward. We build capacity for learning, and generate energy for difference.

From the moment we meet, you’ll see we’re a bit different. And you’ll continue to see this throughout our relationship. But don’t just take our word for it ... we’d be more than happy for you to talk to our existing clients. They’ll tell it like it is.

Our Experience

We work internationally with large and medium-sized enterprises across private, public and third sectors. This mix keeps our practice fresh and curious.

We are commissioned by all kinds of people — CEOs or MDs, Board Members, Heads of Strategy, Heads of Transformation, Directors of HR or Organisation Development. People who are ready to look at challenges from new perspectives, and want better outcomes.

Some of our clients are listed below.

Our Team

We’re progressive thinkers, constantly developing new approaches. Our methods are always tailored to the needs of specific clients. Every organisation is different, so we come armed with many ideas, drawing on our creativity and experience.

Our in-depth knowledge of social sciences means we can to get to grips with what happens when people get together to achieve a common aim. We draw confidently from many fields — ecology, anthropology, relational psychology and sociology — to help your organisation move forward. We think and behave differently from many in our industry. We don’t side-step thorny political issues. We don’t devise a ‘solution’ and leave you to get on with it. But we do have an interest in outcomes. And learning — yours and ours.