We partner with people leading transformations. Whether it’s participative strategy, organisation design, executive team development or culture change that’s most critical to your transformation, we help you move forward one conversation at a time. 

We work as consultants at the intersection of strategy, leadership and change. Our clients are people who think holistically and want outcomes to stick long after consultants have left the building.

Our particular approach starts from the principles of co-design and high participation to ensure that those who are best placed to contribute their perspectives, and are most affected by any decisions, feel ownership for the outcomes. 

We integrate our many years of  business experience, with deep knowledge from a wide range of social science disciplines.

We share our thoughts

Putting our insights to good use, our bite-sized blogs give leaders our latest thinking on strategy, organisation design, executive team development, culture change as well as other musings.

Materialising the Project Matrix: 7 questions to set your new project matrix organisation design up for success

Materialising the Project Matrix: 7 questions to set your new project matrix organisation design up for success

Designing a project matrix organization requires clarity and agreement on key management roles. This post offers 7 questions to help develop clarity and agreement.

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The problem with contracting: how to get it less wrong

The problem with contracting: how to get it less wrong

While we’re all pretty well versed in contracting on tasks, deliverables and outcomes we’re much less comfortable with contracting around roles. And yet, in the absence of a good enough contracting, we are often left flailing, trying to find a safe place to work from, keen to deliver on the task we’ve signed up to, but ill-equipped to do so. Of course, contracting on roles typically requires an honest conversation about what’s needed, what each of us might be up for, and what’s possible in the current context, given power, politics, organisational culture, history and a whole load of other fun stuff.

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Starting your Re-design Process? Ask the Audience!

Starting your Re-design Process? Ask the Audience!

So, you've decided to embark on an organisation re-design – what next? Well, you are going to need to decide on a design team  to create a design, and they will need data, input and perspectives to work with.  So you although you, like many of our clients, might like to jump straight to the answer, you will need an inquiry/discovery process, which involves asking people for their perspectives and input into the current state and what could be improved. In this blog we explain why you need to interview people, who and how many to speak to, and what you should ask them.

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Our client stories

Here to help leaders lead change, we are a trusted partner for large and medium-sized enterprises internationally across private, public and third sectors.

As a strategic partner to your organisation, we facilitate the critical conversations needed to explore possibilities, overcome difficulties and realise opportunities.

Working internationally, across a variety of sectors, keeps us fresh and curious. We are commissioned by all kinds of people; CEOs and Board members, Transformation, Strategy and HR Directors, and Divisional leaders.

People who are ready to look at challenges from new perspectives, and want better outcomes.

Kings College London
Open University
HM Government
Brittany Ferries
Allergy Therapeutics
Mann + Hummel
Essex County Council
Osteology Foundation
BAM construction
EMH Group
Orsted Windpower
Scottish Government

Our applied research

It is important to us that we learn with our clients and colleagues. Every year we undertake topical research, sharing our insights to give practical recommendations for leading and organising.

As research informed practitioners, with interest in many fields – from ecology and anthropology to relational psychology and sociology, we’re interested in exploring what is happening in our client work from different perspectives.

We work closely with leaders across organisations on their challenges. What we hear and learn informs our thinking, our research, and most importantly our practice.

To date we have published a number of research reports on areas such as Transformation, Designing Organisations, Culture Change, and Executive Teams.

Meet our team

Progressive thinkers, we use our practical experience and roots in organisation development and social sciences to get to grips with what is happening and to design tailored approaches to help you move forward.


Our beliefs

We want to be part of a world that is more just, creative, and open in how it approaches the challenges we face.

We believe that healthy change happens at the system level when people are able to see their contribution to the whole and how they participate in co-creating shared outcomes. We enable this by offering wise counsel around who to convene, how to convene them, and by holding space for creativity and dialogue that also includes under-represented and marginalised voices. We have the humility and experience to safely hold groups that are facing highly complex adaptive challenges. 
And we we are passionate about helping people get beyond what is constraining them, as they move towards the changes they want to see. We take on work in good faith that we can make a positive contribution; and we deliberately challenge ourselves and our clients around the impact that we are having on social and environmental justice.